Infos & frequently asked questions

Hi, we’re from Andalusia, southern Spain. The staff of this web based arts magazine speak, as tends to be the case down here, various languages and write about topics that interest us.

Sending in material for reviews to this web magazine? We don’t currently take on material for reviews

Opinions and recommendations in this web magazine? All assessments and recommendations in our articles represent, obviously, only our personal views and we point out that this web magazine has no connection with any authors, artists or trademarks that are mentioned in these articles, nor with their publishers, their estates or any fan clubs or official websites that may exist. Reviews or mentions of authors, artists or their works in our pages always take place without the authors / artists wishes, consent or endorsement of this web magazine

Correctness of information in articles of this web magazine? We try our best and publish every article, essay or blog comment in good faith, for legal purposes, however, we cannot guarantee that all the information in this web magazine is technically / factually correct

What does the name Avenita mean? We used to buy our bread in a local shop called Panaderia Avenida, which is Spanish for bakery on the avenue. When, shortly before going online, we had to come up with name for the web magazine we sat in a cafe on the other side of that avenue and thought…let’s just call it that. When we found the name was already taken, we just changed it to avenita, an alternative spelling used in some parts of Spain.


Links from us to YouTube? The legal status of clips on YouTube and similar sites is difficult for us to assess. We frequently link to clips of films or pieces of music that we mention in our articles, but these links are not an essential part of our website and we don’t intend to impinge on the rights and integrity of those films and pieces of music

Advertising  We’re using the services of Google AdSense to generate ads displayed on our website


Copyright? All photos and articles on this website are, unless otherwise credited, our own. An exception would be (the rare occasions when we quote a few lines, say, out of piece of music or a book we’re reviewing


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