Exclusive song of ours for our readers

To readers who endeavour to follow the above suggestion and send us, for lack of a more poetic description, money, we will usually express our gratitude by sending them a CD with a song written, played and produced by staff members of this web magazine. Yep, there’s lyrics, there’s vocals, there are various instruments, there’s even a welsh accent on the backing vocals that we tried to smooth out, which proved absolutely im-poss-ible now, bless ‘em. We don’t intend to sell this song in any other way, we look at it exclusively as a thank you for people who support us, one-off or on a regular basis. People who want to direct funds to us, should first send us an email, tell us what amount of money they want to give to us. And then we get back to you. We can only correspond about this topic with private citizens and not with clubs or organizations of any kind. Should we find out eventually that funds have not come from a private citizen, we will pass the money on to charity. Private donations should not be assumed to result in any editorial influence, but should be based on liking what we do, totally independently, of our own accord and in a fairly unique manner

Fair enough, you may say, but what am I actually getting for my money then? Well, you get a pretty good song, kind of in the folk / country / pop genre. Then you sit back, have a glass of whiskey, listen a couple of times and then you think, hmm, that was pretty ok. Even if it cost me a bit. But I’ve spent sizable amounts of money on worse things than this – and didn’t even get to keep ‘em. That’s life, and here’s a couple of lines from the song: ‘Maybe the rivers and mountains will haunt her / the wind blows away all our memories / may all the angels protect and surround her / because, you know, my secret love she’ll always be ‘. We wish all our readers the very best of luck in life, love & everything

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